Collaborative Working Environments for Business and Industry

Did you miss the first edition of Collaborative Working Environments for Business and Industry, also dubbed CWE, earlier this year? Although the contribution of virtual communities and communities of practice was only a part of the larger conversation about the collaborative working environment, it’s still interesting to check out the next edition which will take place in Sweden, on June 14th, 2007. The call for papers is still open (check their website). The conference has a very strong ICT focus (as an enabler, has to be said) because it derives from the FP programme of the EU.

Breakthrough innovation in business models with communities of practice (/interest) was discussed by Laso Ballosteros. It’s both an opportunity and a threat, he claims, in his presentation. The role of these communities is going to be quite different in 15 years time than it is now. Also, some reference to Alistair Rogers in his keynote: “Communities learn together. They build skills, knowledge and ‘lore’. The big issue is how to teach individuals the value of teams and how to be effective on and with teams. Even harder is how to build those communities over distance. We have the ‘myth’ that we can build tools that can fix this. It’s not going to be easy!”

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