Role of HR in Institutionalising KM in an Organisation

In this article, Manju Shree is talking about the Role of Human Resource in Institutionalising Knowledge Management in an Organisation

Transformation into knowledge driven organization is essentially a people related issue. HR has a key role to play in nurturing and strengthening knowledge management through “learning initiatives” and “culture change initiatives.” HR is best placed to play the role of an effective facilitator, and give positive reinforcements for Knowledge Management through organizing visible knowledge sharing events and strengthening skill and competency development of employees.

It provides a brief – yet incomplete – overview of some of the cultural, organisational and practical aspects of managing KM. Barriers for KM, for instance, are only said to be “conceptual” and “operational”, where culture and identity are omitted for example. Yet an interesting read, which may complement any other more profound study on the role of HRM in KM.

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