Did you know? Fios is Gaelic for information, or knowledge

Efios helps clients develop and maintain organizational performance and learning as well as collaboration in the organization; this can be used to connect dispersed people in the organization and can support creating innovation and best practices. The concepts of collaborative working are not new, but the technological developments allow dispersed teams or different groups to work together and share knowledge or gain new insights. The use of e-mail, social networks, blogs, wiki’s and (web based) forums and other technologies, as well as face-to-face meetings, are just mediums to obtain this result.

Getting started with virtual collaboration is not an easy task because the key success factors depend on people. Many times, knowledge management projects are about information technology and not about people, making the projects bound to fail. The new ideas and concepts, created by early adopters such as Ford, Shell, BP, Exxon and other companies have brought forward a best practice model about what works and what does not.

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Efios operates with excellence, flexibility and personalized services to deliver to its customers its concepts to completion since 2002.

We work with and have been working across the globe with Borax, Shell, P&O Nedlloyd, Ecopetrol, University of Brisbane, Dutch Ministry of Public Works, SDI media, Rio Tinto mining, M-Real, Corus, Solvay, and many others in the oil and gas, medical, chemicals and manufacturing industry.

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Efios leads the following activities:

  • European Collaborative for Communities of Practice (non-profit, education)
  • Efios consulting (professional and business services)
  • Efios Business Incubation
  • Efios Research
  • Applied projects
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Efios –
Organizational Performance and Learning
Koolzaadland 12
3833 CH Leusden

There is also an Efios division that focuses on Rail Project Management and Test Management, which can be reached through www.efios.com or www.efiosrail.com