Community of Practice services

Understand what drives change:

The sense of what is possible with the collective capabilities of the community (“future sense”) versus the sense of what may happen negatively to individuals if changes do not happen (“sense of present”).


Efios provides the following services tailored to the Organizational Performance and Learning and Communities of Practice field.

Community and Communities of practice

  • Develop and operate online events
  • Online facilitation and moderation
  • Strategic and program planning (‘steering’)
  • Group facilitation (online and offline)
  • Project management
  • Community organizing

Coaching of community and knowledge strategists

  • Organizing complex community assets and Knowledge garden
  • Kick-off and jumpstart sessions and planning
  • Rejuvenate ‘drowned’ communities
  • Community Leadership development
  • Knowledge and community strategy
  • Product specific services

Acquisition and implementation

  • Facilitator / administrator training
  • Community building, sponsorship stewarding
  • Community workshops

Efios organizes and facilitates online and on-site workshops about communities of practice. The workshops aim at delivering insight in the concepts behind communities, the organic behaviour and how to create value with communities.

Past events include:

  • Ecopetrol internal CoP workshops for coordinators and sponsors, Bucaramanga and Bogota, 2007
  • Value Creation with Communities of Practice, London 23-10-2003
  • Communities of Practice course program, Spain 23-10-2003 until 4-12-2003

To learn more about the workshops on communities of practice contact Efios

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