Business Incubation and Idea incubation

Efios is a company that combines vision for new opportunities with leadership skills from Project Management and Knowledge Management. This unique combination allows theory to be applied in practice for new projects, and innovation to be facilitated through collaboration and use of social tools. With a team of experts, Efios starts New Projects under its own leadership and helps companies to spur off projects or businesses for incubation.

Our vision and the way we work is different from more traditional projects in the sense that our approach is aimed at collaboration and ideation. In short, this encompasses the identification of thought leaders and visionaries using Social Network Analysis (SNA); allowing social tools to facilitate participation and create a safe environment for innovation as well as to combine social and collaborative approaches with ideation Project Management skills.

The Efios division that works on innovation, ideation and business incubation is Urobilin. There is much more information about our approach, tools and methodologies on the Urobilin website.