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The CoP knowledge Garden contains more than 90 Community of Practice reference documents, articles and ways for learning about situated learning. The most important external publications we keep o n file, for archiving and referencing purposes, in case they are replaced or lost in future.

This Community of Practice Knowledge Garden is dynamic. We invite you to participate by adding new resources and by commenting on existing ones in this garden – by using the comments options below.

Free articles

Free articles, both business and academic can be found on the Knowledge Garden articles page.

Community of Practice and Situated Learning CoP’s

  • Yahoo! com-prac (John Smith); here
  • Yahoo! onlinefacilitation (Nancy White); here
  • CP Square (Etienne Wenger, Bill Snyder); here
  • KM4Dev for International Development;); here
  • Yahoo! webcommunities (Jeff Tidwell); here
  • Yahoo! sharepoint KM (Ross Wirth)
  • Yahoo! AOK-net (Jerry Ash)
  • Knowledgeboard SIG on Communities of Practice (Diane le Moult)
  • Yahoo! Knowledge Networks (Andy Swarbrick)
  • Group-Jazz Virtual Chautauqua (Lisa Kimball)


  • It’s all about people and networks (Efios); here
  • CP Square; here
  • Joitske Hulsenbosch; here
  • Technology for Communities; here
  • Cultivate Communities of Practice; here
  • Distributed Research on Communities of Practice (Andy Roberts); here
  • Communities and Collaboration (Steve Dale); here
  • Lilia Efimova; here (also writes about other subjects)
  • Bronwyn Stuckey; here
  • Jack Vinson; here
  • Johnnie Moore CoP; here
  • E-Learning Post; here (also on other subjects)
  • Mark Horner; here


  • Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity (Etienne Wenger) – 1999
    0521663636_01_THUMBZZZBuy the book
  • Cultivating Communities of Practice (Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott, William M. Snyder) – 2002
    1578513308_01_THUMBZZZBuy the book
  • Leveraging Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage (Hubert Saint-Onge, Debra Wallace) – 2002
    075067458X_01_THUMBZZZBuy the book
  • Knowledge Networks: Innovation Through Communities of Practice (Paul Hildreth, Chris Kimble) – 2004
    1591402700_01_THUMBZZZBuy the book
  • Communities of Practice: The Organizational Frontier (Etienne Wenger, William M. Snyder) – in PDF
    pdflogoBuy the book
  • Situated Learning: Legitimate peripheral participation. Cambridge Press, 1991.
    pdflogoBuy the book
  • Building Online Communities in the Service of Learning. Cambridge University Press. S. Barab, R. Kling, & J. Gray (Eds.). (2004)
    0201874849_01__SCMZZZZZZZBuy the book
  • Online Communities: Designing Usability and Supporting Sociability by Jennifer Preece (2000)
    0471805998_01Buy the book

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