Knowledge Garden

The efios “Knowledge Garden” is a public space in which the efios team has seeded different sorts materials to provoke creation and adoption of leadership, learning, innovation and knowledge stewarding. Like a garden in bloom, this KG is a continuously growing and changing place with cross-fertilization of ideas and interconnectedness of practices.

  • Communities of Practice: growing. The KG can be found here
  • Social Networks and Social Network Analysis: growing. The KG can be found here

The Efios Knowledge Garden contains references to books, articles, websites, educational initiatives, weblogs (blogs) and past events

The challenges of complex knowledge

Complex knowledge is hard to be left discovered spontaneously, because it needs

  • Specific learning environments
  • Content specific teaching strategies
  • Complex knowledge increases the versatility of idiosyncratic (individual) ways of (not) understanding

Why a Knowledge Garden should be a part of a community

The usage of a Knowledge Garden for an organization, community or business is vital in the exploration and organic co-creation of complex knowledge. It comes down to recognizing that leveraging complex knowledge is essential in vital competitive processes, such as innovatio and competitive advantage. Therefore building and sustaining a Knowledge Garden that is multi-dimensional and crosses boundaries can become a place in the community or organization where isolated simplicity of information and knowledge is turned in an actual experiential ecosystem of information in knowledge, presented and built in an informal and organic way.

Other than the business opportunity the Knowledge Garden brings, building and sustaining the Knowledge Garden can help bring social engagement with the subjects, bring forward more collective learning opportunities and provide a basis for collective ownership – all aspects that are exponents of successful communities of practice.

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