Strategic project Management

The attention for Project Management in large, complex environments is increasing. Research has shown that less than 10 percent of projects is executed right at the first time, and the most common cause for this project failure is poor management. Efios offers executive Project Management and Program Management, especially for large and complex projects (such as Mega Projects). These projects are usually critical when it comes to scope definition and interfaces, because the stakeholders have different financial, contractual and technical interpretations and interests which makes working on project and program level increasingly difficult. Our work primarily aims to facilitate executive management to reduce complex relationships to manageable levels using visual aids, as well as to provide project management and program management support through PMO’s.

Our specializations for Project Management and Program Management are:

  • Visualization of complex project environments
  • Project Initiation using PIDs
  • Planning and execution of projects
  • Project Management Office (PMO) support
  • Project Interface Management
  • Project Audits for Business Improvement

The application of the work Efios performs for PM are:

  • Disperse knowledge environments
  • Complex stakeholder, technical and process environments
  • Environments with multiple boundary spanners
  • Public-private environments
  • Mega Projects

What does Efios Project Management work bring?

  • Project control in both time, knowledge and resources
  • Visualization of complex processes to allow better management control
  • Stakeholder and meta-process identification
  • The possibility to apply Knowlegde Management tools for your project
  • Traceability through working methodolically