The Open Research Questions can be found here

The research and consulting that Efios provides is related to the Project Management and Knowledge Management work that we conduct.

The area’s of expertise in which research and consulting are performed are Knowledge Management including Mega Projects, Social Software and Railway Technologies. Together with our associates, Efios can provide amongst the following services:

  • Technical investigations for integrated projects; For example Railway Projects, Systems Engineering, Interface Management, Verification and Validation, Quality Control, Alternative Transportation Systems, Scenario planning
  • Market research for the implementation of technical projects
  • This includes local and regional technical and commercial viability and opportunities for Railway Projects, Transportation Projects, Large Civil Engineering Projects
  • Knowledge development in specific knowledge area’s (KM domain, Social Networks, Social Software)
  • Through the publication of papers on experts websites, the Document Library of Efios and the weblog “Organizational Performance and Learning”
  • Global and collaborative innovation methodologies and research.